4. Bosnia

bosnia“Welcome to the heart-shaped land. Although only 14 km of the EuroVelo 8 route passes through Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will actually be cycling along the whole of the country’s coastline! The route enters from Klek in Croatia and after passing through border control, you will head towards the only town on our coast, Neum. The town is famous for its sandy beaches and is a popular tourist destination. Several kilometers south-east of Neum, you will reach another boarder control as you are about to re-enter Croatia. So, it is only a fleeting visit to a beautiful country but if you would like to see more, some 50 km north of Neum is located the famous nature park of Hutovo Blato, which would make a interesting excursion. EuroVelo 8 is currently not realised in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” (Eurovelo.com)


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