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  1. Hello Andrew,

    I’m going to travel more or less the same way from London to Milan leaving the next week. I’m studying the road starting from yours. Just a question: which is the principle you used for planning your road?
    Shortness, touristic interest on the way, flatness?

    I need to make it the shorter I can, cause I don’t have much time. So I was wondering if you already made this kind of study (in this case I won’t lose my time searching in few days what you have searched so long) or if just planned your road using others basis.

    Congratulation for your blog, it is very helpful!!!
    Excuse me for my poor English!



  2. Hello Andrew

    I am in the beginning stages of forming another mad plan. I work in Oman and today (New Years Day) I decided that I needed some motivation to fly back to the desert after a wonderful fattening christmas at home with a huge family.
    i did the Lands End to John O Groats ride alone on a mountain bike 2 summers ago, with no practice. I just had the idea and the time and went. I have just been on Eurovelo to find a route that will take me places I have never been…Italy!
    My idea is to fly to Rome from Oman in June. I will have 2 months to do the EV5 ending in London. I have 5 months to train. I have my mountain bike in Oman but I have a Colnago road bike in the garage. I will pack it and take it back to Oman.
    Yours is the only website I have found with useful information. I hope to contact you with lots of questions as I plan. I am dead old. 50! last month. Still going strong though. I feel inspired by you already.
    First question..which is the nearest airport to the start line in Italy?

    Bye for now

    Tracey Coffey

    • Hi Tracey
      Thanks for the kind comments. I didn’t actually cycle from Rome to the UK, I cycled from the UK to Brindisi in the south of Italy and flew back from there. I have flown to Rome in the past but I wouldn’t worry too much about the official start point as I don’t think it exists! Most people find an iconic place at which to start (or finish) such as the Vatican / St. Peter’s square. I’m happy to answer other questions but you may want to read the book about the journey – see the links on the homepage of this website.
      Good luck with your training!
      Best wishes & happy new year 2014

  3. Hello Mr Sykes,
    As I mentioned in my Amazon review, Good Vibrations has got me planning my own trip and so I was wondering: how many litres of pannier space did you need for your trip to Italy?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi John
      Thanks for the review & delighted to hear your planning something of your own. I’m not sure what the size of the panniers is (I still use them every day). They were the larger of the two that Ortlieb sell. I’ll check over the weekend & get back to you. Have a look at the pictures on the Facebook page; there are lots of pictures of Reggie so you’ll see the panniers in action ๐Ÿ™‚
      Where are you planning to cycle?

      • Thanks Sir I found them! I’m planning to cycle around Normandy at some point this year so that I can do some foreign touring but see the war sites at the same time.

  4. just in case you didnt get my email. Read your book: great stuff!
    I am wanting to cycle to rome on the via francigena in the su,mmer. What kind of tracking device did you use Andrew ? Did you have some device on he bike itself ? So that folks back home knew where you were ? etc…I would be very interested to know.

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