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Notes From Ireland: Home To Dungarvan

And these really are notes. The plan is to write up an article about my four days in Ireland (for publication?) once back in the U.K.  Early start / tiresome drive across Lancashire-Cheshire / North Wales much nicer / echos of the French Riviera (sea, hills, fast corniche […]

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Nothing to do with cycling or Europe but some things are so aesthetically pleasing that they deserve to be photographed from any angle going. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is one such object and it has earned its place here, despite its irrelevance to the site… I’ll hopefully see […]

Bath Time

A leisurely stroll around beautiful Bath enย route to Bristol for my talk tomorrow evening (see for details). Some great sights: Seeing the touring cyclist made me regret not having arrived by bicycle myself…

‘Cycling The Loire Cycle Route’

I was interviewed earlier this week by Keri Jones for the Great Destinations Radio Show (the interview will be broadcast sometime in June and also available as a podcast). One of Keri’s questions was along the line of “which sectionย of your [Spain to Norway] route would make for […]

Manic Monday? Not In Cumbria…

One for; climbing Red Scree in Cumbria… …the view from the top… …and here are a few shots taken in and around Ambleside and Rydal (where you’ll find a great campsite). Not forgetting a famous bridge en route home: