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Cliff Camping in Berwick?

More useful info from the CTC forum: “We camped here in 2001. Marshall Meadows Farm BERWICK-UPON-TWEED TD151UT Tel: 01289 307375 The site was basic with no shop, but does have toilets and showers. It also has the main rail line running past it, although we didn’t find it […]

Northumberland Wind

A reassuring post on the CTC forum that I set up:“No suggestions on campsites, I’m afraid – I stayed in B&Bs and Youth Hostels. But don’t get too worried about the wind. We did it south-to-north and had some really rotten wind in Northumberland – “beasterly easterlies”, I […]

Ten-day Weather Forecast

MSN are very brave: they attempt a ten-day weather forecast! The BBC only go as far as five days. In ten days, it will be the 1st August – the day I will travel up to Berwick-upon-Tweed to kick off my Pennine Cycleway trip. The full ten-day forecast […]

EuroVรฉlo 5 Facebook Group

The EuroVรฉlo 5 route has a Facebook group… so I joined of course. The other two members are Ian Hendry – the man from Adelaide who I’ve mentioned and quoted from before and a guy called Massimo Mazzone who writes in his opening post:“Let’s improve the route! It’s […]

This worries me…

From Mark Beaumont’s blog: “Today (Tue 21st) was a frustrating day on the bike. I woke to find a puncture and then punctured again within ten miles. That means three punctures in as many days! Two of these punctures have been the at the valve and not a […]