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London: the day after

Apart from a bit of sunburn on my right arm (and my continuing issues with the left shoulder…), I have survived unscathed from yesterday’s 50 mile trip to London. Not even a bruise from the branch.The bike came off worse. Not from the branch, just generally. It has […]


I wrote a couple of days ago about having decided upon a date to set off: Monday 19th July 2010. This shall be known as P-Day. P being of course for Puglia.Next Sunday is therefore P-365. A whole year.I’m going to give myself two full weeks to prepare […]

Questions from Constantin & Ian

At the risk of sounding like Humphry Littleton…. I have received two letters, well, two emails. Both of them asking about the same issue: the route I will be taking in 2010 to Puglia.Firstly from Constantin Anastasopoulos:“Hi,i am planning to follow your route but in the opposite direction, […]

Strange endings…

It didn’t end there. Strange things were about to happen in Trafalger Square. First of all, Cat Woman was removed and replaced. Just before she was replaced, I had been thinking what I would do if I were to be stuck on top of the plinth. I imagined […]


To state the obvious, I have arrived. In Trafalger Square to be exact. It hasn’t been the most strenuous of rides. Around 50 miles – the kind of distance I will need to knock off each day en route to Yorkshire. Anyway, back in the Square, a phalanx […]