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Well I worked it out and it appears that I am (see previous post). There is the Wikipedia entry over there on the left with the added links – the route link and the link to this blog at the bottom. I’m impressed but at the same time […]

End of 2008/9…

As the academic year 2008/9 comes to an end, the symbolic P-365 or P-1year date approaches. It is Sunday. Ironically, the upcoming week is the one that I have decided to abstain from the bike: after a long term of cycling Reading to Henley, my body needs to […]

An email from Oz

Just recived the following email from a guy in Adelaide. My comments to his various points are in red….Hey Andrew,My name is Ian Hendry and I’m from Adelaide, South Australia (yes, Tour Down Under territory). I have just been reading your Puglia 2010 blog after googling away looking […]

London: the day after

Apart from a bit of sunburn on my right arm (and my continuing issues with the left shoulder…), I have survived unscathed from yesterday’s 50 mile trip to London. Not even a bruise from the branch.The bike came off worse. Not from the branch, just generally. It has […]


I wrote a couple of days ago about having decided upon a date to set off: Monday 19th July 2010. This shall be known as P-Day. P being of course for Puglia.Next Sunday is therefore P-365. A whole year.I’m going to give myself two full weeks to prepare […]