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Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial

Cold & shivery. That’s not just the weather by the way. It’s also me. Being ill is not great. Being away from home and being ill is bad timing. Being ill away from home when it’s freezing cold outside is annoying in the extreme. I’ve sniffed my way […]

Cabourg, Normandy

I’m a little bit worried. I’m cold and just a bit shivery. My legs are aching. This could mean one of several things. It could be that I am simply cold. I’ve not really had the chance to get a thoroughly warmed up all day what with being […]

Caen, Capital Of Basse Normandy

The fighting of 1944 inflicted severe damage upon Caen, the capital of Basse Normandy and the town where I am currently staying. Much of the central area is taken up with uninspiring architecture from the post war period. I knew all this by simply reading my Rough Guide […]

A Day In Falaise

Now well into our second full day of the exchange. So far, no emergency phone calls from desperate teenagers demanding to go home early. It’s early days however… Yesterday was spent mainly in Falaise; the morning in classes at the collège, the afternoon wandering around the town. I […]

Detente In Normandy

Just woken up on the first full day in France. Yesterday was a long but ultimately successful one. I managed to avoid the ferry quiz and we didn’t lose any of the children en route. What looked like a former prisoner transport vehicle came to pick up us […]