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Word, The Words & The Wordle

Just as with the first book, the first thing that I needed to do requires nothing more than a bit of patience and a lot of copying and I have spent several hours today doing just that. I am conscious of not just publishing a blog. If you […]

Wordle: Updated

I did one of these for the blog when I returned home to the UK last summer after the long cycle to Brindisi along the Eurovelo 5. The blog words totalled about 30,000. Now they are in the process of being re-written and I have so far got […]

Reading to Brindisi (Eurovelo 5)

Cycling Day 1, Sunday 18th July 2010: Reading to Abbey Wood La Via Romeo Francigena / Eurovelo 5 The Send Off Party! Iconic Location No. 1: Windsor Castle Abbey Wood Campsite And So To Bed…. Cycling Day 2, Monday 19th July 2010: Abbey Wood to Deal Escaping The Big City Lunch is Lunch […]