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What Tent? (Again…)

UPDATE: Tuesday 24th April 2018 I’ve gone for the Vango Force 10 Xenon UL 2+ (significantly reduced in price from Go Outdoors down to £222 with a bit of price matching and their offer to undercut any online price by 10%). Pity it’s green but there you go… Sunday […]

Dear Andrew: Warts And All!

Last Monday I wrote a post entitled “September 1st 2015: Old Habits…” about my vague plans for my new working life here in Yorkshire. After reading what I wrote, Nigel McGillian made the following comment: “Andrew, well done on your decision to do what most of us would love to […]

A Visit To Tent Heaven…

Tent heaven  or the nearest I have ever come to tent heaven  can be found on the third floor of an old mill in the Calder Valley of West Yorkshire. It’s home to Springfield Camping and is the kind of shop that you really could live your entire life exploring. […]

Weighty Matters

Over the next few months, I will drone on endlessly on this website, on Twitter & on Facebook about this piece of cycling equipment or that. I will debate the merits of widget A over that of widget B to the extent that when I do finally make […]

I’m Still Wanted!

Iain – the guy I stayed with in Deal before setting off for the continent along the Eurovelo 5 – has been busy advising me on Reggie’s refit (thanks for that Iain – very useful). He’s also emailed with a question about tents; Hello Andrew, a quick question […]

The Vango Helium 100

The price on the website was too good to refuse; £149.99 for a Vango Helium 100 that elsewhere would have cost nearer £200. It was always the favourite; the Terra Nova was always just a bit too expensive for my pocket. I did see one in Decathlon this morning […]