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Starting to spend, sorry invest!

I look forward to the day when I don’t feel guilty about spending money. I’m 40 and I still do!Anyway, my “investing” in equipment for the journey has started. It does read a bit like a Mastercard advert without the “priceless” bit at the end:Cotswold Leisure:Berghaus Fleece & […]

Ups and downs in Reading

Today has been a funny day. Let’s start on a good point: my deliveries have started to arrive – Mark Beaumont’s book. But then it rained…and rained… when will this English summer start? I plodded up to AW Cycles, my bike shop of choice to invest in more […]

The Tour of Reading: Reflections

Back home now, sinking my first beer of 2010 – 4% Stella Artois so I can still feel a bit virtuous (although by the time the bottle of Shiraz I bought to accompany my evening meal is demolished later, my argument may fall down a bit) – and reading the posts […]


The following was written immediately prior to my 2015 journey from Tarifa to Nordkapp: Although most of it is not new, it’s taken me about a week to assemble the cycling gear in the picture below. The task was not made easier by the fact that I had already […]

Easter, Venison and Bullet Points

Nearly there. Just one more day until the second biggest reason to be a teacher starts; the Easter holidays. I know that sounds a bit cynical so apologies to those educational purists who want us all to be teachers because it is our “calling”, but we all have […]