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Denham: The Handlebars… And The Man

If you search for the word ‘Denham’ on this esteemed website (yes, this one!), you’ll find it appears twice; once in reference to the handlebars for which I have opted on the new Koga Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0 and once in a post from earlier in the year. Until yesterday, I didn’t realise that the two are connected, but they are and here’s why.

Top 6 Road Bike Handlebars

By Nancy Moss When looking to upgrade your bike for a more comfortable ride, cyclists will generally look to pedals, saddles and handlebars to make the difference as these are the three key touch points that connect you to your bike. Now while riders will generally spend a […]

6 Bike Customisation Options To Enhance Your Cycling

If you’re an avid biker who is looking to give your ride a little upgrade or makeover, this is the article for you. Whether you’ve got a shiny brand new bike that you’re looking to accessorize or simply looking to give your beloved old bike a stylish new makeover, accessorizing your bike is one of the most fun ways to add a personal touch to your ride. In today’s article, we have a look at 6 bike customisation options to enhance your cycling — because bikes don’t have to be boring!

Ding Dong! The Sonorous Sound Of The Crane Bell, No?

Should you be so inclined, you can visit the YouTube Channel and watch all of the videos. It would take you a while so you might be inclined to prioritise those that have been very popular… Bearing in mind the time and effort it can take to make some of the videos, might I recommend such epics as the recent masterpiece that is Scammonden: A Valley of Contrasts in all its 4K glory? Or perhaps one of the films from my 2019 cycling odyssey across northern Spain and Portugal? Or how about a hiking film from the ‘Hiking Europe’ collection? The Three Peaks… Of Borrowdale is a personal favourite but there are plenty of others from which to choose. Yet if you do just that…