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Dales Autumn Escape: Day 4/4

So my short trip to the southern Yorkshire Dales came to an end yesterday with the long cycle back to West Yorkshire’s Calder Valley. Cycling friend Craig offered to join me for the ride and we met up for coffee in the busy farm shop in Airton which, by the time we left at around 10:30am was already heaving with cyclists.

Dales Autumn Escape: Day 3/4

A full day of cycling but not a particularly strenuous one. If you remember, I have purposefully switched off Strava and the like for this trip to the Yorkshire Dales. The only things measuring my distance are the CatEye โ€˜computerโ€™ (the word seems a little grand for the […]

Dales Autumn Escape: Day 2/4

If I were being assessed against my objectives, today I would have been granted some kind of promotion or pay rise. Most of the pre-trip โ€˜requirementsโ€™ were ticked off; I even ended the โ€˜working dayโ€™ with a bit of sketching… But it started off the bike with a […]

Dales Autumn Escape: Day 1/4

Well thatโ€™s all gone rather well. Yesterday I spent all evening watching TV, eating and drinking. (For one week at least, Tuesday night was the new Friday night…) I kept staring at the rug in my living room where I normally assembly a pile of cycling kit prior […]