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The Cycling Europe Podcast Returns… (And It Needs Your Help)

It’s been quite a few months since the last episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast and a new instalment is well overdue. Attentive followers of this website over the last few weeks will have noted that one subject has predominated; my investment in a new touring bicycle. At this time of the year, when northern hemisphere cyclists are beginning to think about where they might pedal off to in the summer, it seems a timely topic of conversation.

The Return Of The Two-Wheeled Commuter

Sunday 13th January 2019. No, I haven’t got the date wrong. I know that today is Wednesday 9th January but my mind is focussing upon the 13th. Here’s the forecast: Looks OK for January, no? Now, when the Cycling Europe Podcast returned for its second series of four […]

The Future Of The National Cycle Network

Here’s an interesting and important statement from Sustrans regarding the future of the National Cycle Network here in the UK. It’s worth a read: “The National Cycle Network (NCN) will undergo a major review of its walking and cycling routes to ensure they meet the highest design standards […]

The Return Of The Cycling Commuter

I’m delighted to announce that as from tomorrow, I return to life as… a regular cycling commuter. It is now nearly three years since I said goodbye to my colleagues at Gillotts School in Henley-on-Thames where, for most of the previous eight years I had regularly cycled to […]


It comes in many shapes and forms and you’ll find them all at Whether you be an aficionado of cycle touring, a fan of the Tour de France or a member of the mountain bike community, you’ll find something of interest just a few clicks away: Browse […]

Cycle Commuting… And Competing

I don’t suppose that the people who invented Strava ever had my relatively short commute from Stainland to Elland and back in mind when they invented their system but this week I’ve been putting it to good use doing just that. I even have a ‘heatmap’! It’s a […]