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Update: Friday 26th March 2010 I took delivery of a Ridgeback Panorama earlier this week…. Following some footwork on 30th January, it is likely that I will invest in a Ridgeback Panoramic from AW Cycles in Caversham, Reading. You can see the details on the Ridgeback website. The price of […]

Touring bikes….in 2009

I went to WH Smith to see if the latest edition of The Bicycle Buyer had any reviews of touring bikes… but it didn’t. So when I got home I dug out a copy of the magazine that I had bought earlier in 2009 to see if they got […]

Map Questions

Michael Musto, dragging himself away from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, has contacted me with some questions about maps: Have you seen examples of the Michelin maps? Yes, I’ve bought the full set that I need to get from my home town all the way to Brindisi. The […]

I’ve Been Framed!

This bicycle odyssey never ceases to amaze. And today it amazed me more than it usually does. Voucher in hand (see yesterday’s post), I arrived at AW Cycles for my “fitting”. I was a little apprehensive as I got the impression from speaking to them yesterday that it […]

Bristol & The Handmade Bicycle Show

Bristol is home to many things. Cycle paths carved into the paving stones of the streets, ice cream vans that are made by Mercedes, signs thanking you for not using your car (should you have one), pretty colourful houses in rows, intriguing street names & the first section […]

Cycling Day 60: Copenhagen To Helsingør

Click here to see the detailed statistics of today’s cycle. Just as it was yesterday, rain has been a theme of the day, but when I ‘woke’ (for the third or fourth time) there was no pitter-patter of raindrops upon my tent. That said, dampness was still in […]