Cycling Day 25: Llanstephan (Near Glasbury) To Cardiff

In these stones horizons sing. Thereโ€™s something upon which to ponder. I have arrived in Cardiff and that is the inscription written above the doors of the Millennium Centre, close to the finishing point of my cycling journey along the Lon Las Cymru. (Is there a bit of tautology there?) Tonight Iโ€™m in a hotel situated in the heart of the weekend clubbing scene of the Welsh capital. I am surrounded by many drunk people. Iโ€™m sure by the end of the night it wonโ€™t be just the stones singing…

A cracking day of cycling and the weather was on my side big time. For all but the final hour of so of the journey – a long one coming in at about 110km – the sun shone. How often have I been able to say that in this summertime quest to cycle to the four capitals of the United Kingdom? (Answer: never) Here I am tweeting about the glorious crossing back over the River Wye to rejoin route 8:

An impromptu Co-op breakfast was taken in pretty Talgarth…

…before heading off to even prettier Brecon from where the main climb of the day started. Stunning views in all directions, even towards the ground…

The view across the reservoir was towards the high point of the cycle and is was a wonderful Goldilocks of a climb. Iโ€™ve used that metaphor so many times on this website that I donโ€™t really need to explain it Iโ€™m sure. Here was the view near the top of the pass through the Brecon Beacons:


Thereafter it was all downhill. Literally. Rarely has so little effort been expended in cycling such a long distance. Well, other than by Craig Dodson since he bought his electric bike but I digress… The Taff Trail follows the valley from Merthyr Tydfil and continues all the way to Cardiff. I even had a guide for the final few kilometres courtesy of a Cardiff cycle tourist returning home from a jaunt around South Wales. Three capitals down, one to go..,

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  1. Great to find you cycling through Wales, I live just 10 miles from Merthyr Tydfil and the Taff Trail. Always meaning to have a pedal along it, but cycling to and from work is all the pedalling I seem able to fit in these days. Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful rides just on my doorstep. Cheers.

  2. I prefer the Welsh inscription on the Senedd building – completely different to the English; they’re not translations. Something poetic, about truth being like glass. Or maybe sand. Very poetic, anyway. Would win you an Eisteddfod. And probably sounds great sung. Anyway, well done! About time you had some good weather! I’m looking forward to the next capital…

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