The Cycling Europe Podcast: EuroVelo 12 In Yorkshire

Hot on the heels of my four-day trip to the Far East of Yorkshire and the cycle from the Humber Bridge to Whitby (and thence by train to Middlesbrough) comes a new episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast. It’s the first time that I have dedicated an entire podcast to a cycle trip but bearing in mind that it was the first overnight cycling journey I have made since the podcast was first published in the autumn of 2017, that’s perhaps not surprising. I quite like the idea of the podcast moving in that direction. What do you think?

Pondering that question might be something that you do as you listen to me reflect on my ride along the east coast of Yorkshire. You can listen via The Cycling Europe Podcast homepage, via iTunes or your preferred purveyor of podcasts.

“The Cycling Europe Podcast hits the road and heads along the Yorkshire section of the EuroVelo 12, otherwise known as the North Sea Cycle Route, from the iconic Humber Bridge on the southern edge of Britainโ€™s largest county to the coastal treasure that is Whitby. It was a cycle of around 200km over three days of cycling with overnight stops in the Yorkshire towns of Beverley, Scarborough as well as Whitby itself. Join the author Andrew P. Sykes as he rediscovers the joy of overnight cycle touring as he prepares to escape to the continent once again later in the summer.”

Episode 009, The Cycling Europe Podcast

In due course I’ll be adding video to this episode of the podcast to make it a truly audio-visual experience. In the meantime, let your imagination provide the images; as someone once said, radio is so much more preferable to television because the pictures are far better…

But if you can’t wait, visit the Cycling Europe YouTube channel where you’ll find a few short videos were posted to social media during the trip itself.

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    • Thanks! Much appreciated. I’ll have a read. Great to meet Dan on Friday – nice surprise as I got off the train and we had a good natter ๐Ÿ™‚

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