Barry Godin: Bikepacking Across The Italian Alps

The cyclist and filmmaker Barry Godin has featured several times here on over the past few years – visit these posts to read more about him and his films – and it was nice to catch up with him again at the Cycle Touring Festival the weekend before last. His latest film: Bikepacking Across The Italian Alps was given a showing at the festival but anyone can watch it online (and below) and it’s worth 22 minutes of your time. Time to be inspired…

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  1. Wow, terrific stuff. I’m very impressed by how Barry’s film really gets across *what it’s like* to cycle tour. Think I’ll stick to tarmac, cheap hostels and guesthouses myself, but I can see the attraction of bikepacking!

    • Is it? Why? I hope you are not spamming my website in order to get people to click through to your website. You seem quite adept at these short, meaningless comments…

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