Hera Van Willick: Pedal

“Forty-three countries down, Hera Van Willick rides her bicycle across continents, fully self-supported. This is her journey and what she has learned along the way.”

On Saturday evening I went to my local arts centre – indeed the arts centre where I spend much of the working week – to see a film about professional road cycling called ‘Wonderful Losers‘. (You can watch it yourself by following this link and paying £4.51.) I’m no pro cyclist; I am, as you know, a touring cyclist. As such, I was delighted, if a little surprised, to see the following short, delightful film prior to the main feature.

Isn’t that wonderful?

…and with my current thoughts on the potential purchase of a new touring bicycle myself, did you see Hera’s bike? A Santos tourer complete with hub gears, a carbon belt and butterfly bars. Mmm…

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