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Dear friends

Good Vibrations - eBook PartnershipEarlier this weekend my book ‘Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie’ sold its 5,000th copy and I’d like to use this milestone to take the opportunity of saying a heart-felt ‘thanks’ to all of you. Written following a six-week cycle from my home in southern England to Brindisi in the deep south of Italy along the route (more or less) of the European Cyclists’ Federation Eurovelo 5, the book recounts the highs and lows, rain and shine as experienced by a naive touring cyclist. The CTC summed up many reviews when they described it as “a wonderful, witty account of a cycle tour across Europe” and I am humbled that many of you contacted me to say how you had been sufficiently inspired by my experiences to embark on similar adventures yourselves. Your support when I was planning the trip, cycling, writing, publishing and subsequently marketing the book has been unwaveringly positive and constructive and I shall be eternally grateful to every single one of you.

My mind is now turning towards a second cycling trip across Europe but this time from east to west along the southern edge of the continent from the south-eastern corner of Greece to the south-western corner of Portugal. Ten countries in two months with a departure date of 1st July. (Yes, I know, it will be hot.) The adventure may be just a little bit more epic than the first but my mindset will be the same; to explore a slice of life with an open mind on a bike called Reggie. And just as they were in 2010 our experiences will be recounted online for anyone to follow. I can also confirm that there will be a follow-up book; look out for it in 2014.

In the meantime, if you have any advice, guidance, tips, contacts to share or must-see locations to recommend, please get in touch. Contact details are below. You can see an overview of my route by following this link.

Once again, thank-you. Without your support I would have given up a long time ago.

Best wishes & happy cycling (if that’s your thing),


(…& Reggie)

Andrew P. Sykes

“A wonderful, witty account of a cycle tour across Europe” (CTC)
“Deliciously readable”

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  1. Andrew, this brought a tear to my eye. Well done you, and I am looking forward to reading about this summer’s trip. I wouldn’t mind a gentle (escorted) cycling holiday along the voies vertes.

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