Pompey 2 Pompeii

After having been contacted by one of the cyclists involved, I’ve had a link to these guys’ website on the front page of this website for sometime. They set off today! Their Twitter feed (@pompey2pompeii) describes their quest as follows; “…a gruelling 1500 mile bike ride, starting on September 10th from Portsmouth (Pompey), across Europe to the finish line in Pompeii for the AGSD charity“. Looking at their website I note that they have been let down by a hotel sponsor who was to have supplied them with a place to stay overnight as they pedaled south. I hope they have got alternatives sorted out. Their route takes them on a more westerly route than mine and it looks as though they have planned their trip in much more detail than I ever did! Good luck to them. I’ll be following their website and via Twitter of course.

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  1. Chiedo fortemente scusa per il grave errore riguardo la parola “fibrillazione” purtroppo non commessa che devo dire non commessa da me ma da chi ho chiesto di scrivere per me. vi ammiro tanto per tutto ciรฒ che state facendo e sono davvero molto fiera di voi tutti, in particolare Genni e Luca. Olimpia Venditto

  2. sto seguendo la vostra dura sfida fase dopo fase e posso dirvi che sono molto ma molto osgogliosa e fiera di voi. Siamo tutti in fibrillazione per il vostro arrivo

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