L’Ile de Lille

Moderately interesting fact of the day about northern France: Lille is called Lille because it used to be an island. I’m sure a geography teacher would argue the toss with me over that – it’s something to do with the canal / river…
I’ll post later about the day but just to get the stats out of the way, here they are for day 4; Time cycling: 5 hrs 32 mins 54 secs
Distance: 114.24 kms
Average speed: 20.5 kms/hr
Maximum speed: 51.7 kms/hr
Eurovelo 5 distance: 428.1 kms


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  1. Good truckin today,
    I am afraide that that song was going through my head a lot last week in scotland… Dreadlock holiday, 10cc, especialy the line .. concentrating on trucking right…
    Good average, Was it quite flat??


  2. What a fantastic time- I was amazed watching the dots fly across France!! Is it strange that we all know pretty much exactly where you are having lunch? It is providing some light relief in a busy day!! Can’t wait to follow.


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