Pavia: Simone Giappone Sacchi

Just received this message (via Facebook) from Italy;
Hello there,
My name’s Simone and with some friends I work in a cycle co-op in Pavia. I’m also a bike enthusiast, for all kind of pedal powered vehicles. I saw your blog and I was immediately fascinated by your task. Looking at your map, I saw you will probably pass through Pavia. I don’t know if you’ll stop here, but if you need some kind of accommodation, help, or even some riding friends for some miles, feel free to contact me.
Best regards and good luck.
The Italians are such nice people! I have already messaged Simone and will report back here soon. Pavia, by the way, is just south of Milan.

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  1. Wow, I’m overjoyed to have an entry on Eurovelo5!
    Unfortunately I don’t know too much about the area between Como and Milan. If you want to avoid Milan you’ll have to cycle east or west of this city. Anyway, it’s not impossible to ride in Milan, you also can ride through less busy streets. I don’t know if you know, but there’s this website, which deals with cyclepaths and bike-friendly roads in Italy. I’ll ask in their forum if some one knows some kind of route from Como to Pavia.

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