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Cycling is Good…

…even for those who don’t do it! What better message for everyone as I continue my preparations. Picture courtesy of Massimo Mazzone in Italy who I will be meeting up with south of Rome. (Nice example of an object pronoun in French as well :) )

Bad cycle storage placement

When I first posted this picture, the title was “Bad cycle storage design” but actually there is nothing wrong with the design. There is everything wrong with the placement of the bike sheds; at the back of a brand new prestigious development in Reading town centre (soon to be the new headquarters of Yell), between the railway line and the building itself. OK, there is a CCTV camera on the post but why don’t developers and architects see having such facilities as something to be proud of and put them at the front of the building where security is so much better….


There is a site, run by CTC where you can report your pothole. I’ve just done it and my pothole is officially number 27775. Go to www.fillthathole.org.uk to see it in all its glory. This is becoming an obsession.


This is a pothole. But not just any pothole. It is the pothole that my bike has fallen into twice this week. I say “fallen into” in the loosest sense of the word – the hole is probably 4ocms long but when you are cycling in the dark, it is difficult to spot until, with a thud of the metal rim of my front wheel against the tarmac edge of the hole, its presence it made more than abundantly clear. I took this picture earlier this evening; the passing motorists probably thought I was bonkers. Perhaps I am.

Falling off the bike

I did, this morning on ice in the bottom of a valley near Henley which has its own microclimate. Everywhere else on my route to work – the first time I have been able to cycle for over a week due to the cold, snowy weather – was ice free but descending into the valley, the temperature usually plummets and it certainly did today. An ice sheet covered the road from one side to the other. I was a sitting duck and when applying my breaks at the bottom of the hill, slid of and down the road. Ouch! A little bit sore but I survived! The guy in the picture had the right idea.

Blog roll: Cycling

This list of cycling blogs was in last Saturday’s Guardian Guide. As you can see, I didn’t make it to the final list of six blogs. Perhaps I was at number 7…

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I just signed a pledge at this website to always stop at red lights when cycling. Why not do it yourself? You can see a full list of all the previous pledgers by visiting their website.