Copenhagen: Cycling Nirvana?

I hope to visit Copenhagen next year when I cycle along the Eurovelo 3. Well, it will mean deviating a little from route 3 – see the official route through Denmark – but I think it will be worth it. A cycling nirvana? It’s what would be suggested by this infographic that featured today in the regular email I receive from the European Cyclists Federation. I look forward to seeing it for myself next summer. My expectations are high…46a00c64-f743-40cb-8ec8-d7c7a2bce555

Reggie The Bicycle, September 2014



Paul Ram: Go, Go, Go!

Should you ever wish to contact me with tales of your own cycling adventures – and some people do – your chances of them appearing here on in some way, shape or form are significantly increased if you include some good pictures. That’s what Paul Ram from The Netherlands did last week. Paul describes himself as follows;

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 15.24.31“I’m Paul Ram (28) a  freelance WordPress developer from Amsterdam who loves to cycle (TourduPisa & TourduGermany) and go on adventures. In 2013 I made a trip with my bicycle from Amsterdam to Pisa. In 2014 I biked from Amsterdam to Berlin and back. All alone.”

Needless to say he has a WordPress website – GO backpack GO – and below are his somewhat familiar pictures of his cycling travels around Europe. It looks as though he is about to escape Europe and start an adventure in Asia. Now there’s an idea…

gobackpackgo 5gobackpackgo 2gobackpackgo 3gobackpackgo 6

Extreme Mountain Biking

Not sure about doing this on a laden touring bike… 

“Johannes Pistrol rides the Steinerne Rinne from Goinger Halt, July 2014. The upper section from the summit down to the upper rinne is relatively straight forward, albeit slightly exposed. The lower section contains the hardest and the most futuristic riding. Johannes didn’t clear all sections but this attempt is the most I have seen ridden so far.” (From the Vimeo page.)

“Humorous, entertaining and even informative. Hard to put down. Travel writing at its best.”

Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie‘ has now been available for nearly two months and the reviews have been very positive! Here is a selection of comments from the reviews so far posted to and

Med_Cover3“Humorous, entertaining and even informative. Hard to put down. Travel writing at its best.”

“I wasn’t disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed reading about his exploits across southern Europe.”

“A very well written account of a fellow Yorkshireman’s two month odyssey through southern Europe.”

“The book made me laugh (and at times wince).”

“A wryly amusing and inspirational account.”

“I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I don’t want the trip to end.”

“Another excellent read from Mr Sykes.”

“Loved this book.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading the second adventure of Andrew and Reggie.”

“It’s a real page turner, more from this guy please.”

“An enjoyable account of a cool journey. Read it!”

And finally, a comment made on the signed copies page of this website by Ade Morris:

“You will be missing a lot of life if you don’t read these books! Anyone who rides a bike just has to read these! You will never get in a car again, changed my life when I read of Andrew and Reggie, let it change yours. It will!!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 14.35.33

Scotland: Thanks

At the risk of alienating potentially 45% of readers in Scotland, I am glad that the vote was to stay as part of the United Kingdom. Where else on our rocky island is there cycling like this… (all photos taken during my summer 2014 Scottish expedition)

IMG_9509 IMG_9240 IMG_9289 IMG_9123 IMG_9510 IMG_1477 IMG_1499 IMG_0385 IMG_9131 IMG_9107 IMG_9127 IMG_0332 IMG_9422

“Loneliness Of The Long Distance Cyclist?” Oh Dear…

A few months ago in late spring I was interviewed over the phone (I suppose that bit is important) by a journalist from The Weekly News. Excellent! It was a nice chat with Craig, I sent him some pictures and he proceeded to write the article and send it to the editor of his newspaper for publication. Nothing appeared in June or July and I began to wonder if my story had been jettisoned in favour of another. In August I headed off to Scotland for my short cycling tour and began to forget all about it… But a few days ago I remembered about the interview and emailed Craig; yes, it had appeared in mid-August. Brilliant! Today, he emailed across the page where the article had appeared and… oh dear. Who is that bloke next to Reggie?* It’s not me!122523210.XdG6MV7Y.IMG_29273000x200075crop

*It is, in fact, my cousin Richard. He gets quite a few mentions in Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie as I met up with him for a few days in Andalusia. I’m sure even he would admit that he is no great cyclist but, as you can see above, he did pose with Reggie. The photo of him with the bike wasn’t one that I supplied to the newspaper – these are the ones that were – so I can only assume that they found it here on It made me smile…